Kona Gravity riders Graham Agassiz and Antoine Bizet put their all into preparing for Red Bull Rampage this past week, and after today’s main event the results are bittersweet.

Aggy started his run off super clean with a steep and loose big mountain line right down the guts of the Rampage site. After nailing the big line Aggy rallied a series of stepdowns and hips with his signature style, but clipped a landing and went down hard. He was taken for medical examination and did not complete his second run. We haven’t had a full report of his condition but we are hoping for the best.

Antoine Bizet completed both of his runs top to bottom, with the recurring theme of getting upside-down. In his first run he nailed a huge double backflip, impressing the judges for a score of 81.00. Antoine was super positive about his result, and amidst other riders choosing not to ride their second runs, went for it anyway. He added tricks but left the double backflip out, and his first run score held for 2nd overall – his second time on the second step at Rampage. Congrats to Antoine!

We’re all thinking of Aggy here at Kona, wishing him a speedy recovery, and hope to see him back on the bike soon.

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