A brief rundown on where some of these guys are now…

Benny Swedberg won the 13/14 National championship that year. He is now a sophomore at UW and is a Cat-1 riding for California Giant Strawberries. He won multiple national championships while with the team and raced in the world championships.

Eric Emsky was 3rd in the 13/14, he went on to represent USA at the world championships, is currently attending Ft Lewis College on a cycling scholarship and was 3rd in the collegiate national championships this year.

Morgan Schmitt graduate of the UW with an engineering degree is a professional road racer for Team Exergy.

Luciano Worl 5th in the 13/14’s this year, went on to become a professional Downhill Racer and raced in the World Championships for team USA. He is now a Sophomore at CWU on an ROTC Scholarship and will soon be flying jets for the US Navy.

Ian Crane sophomore at WWU and a Cat-1 road racer on the Hagens Berman Elite Team.

Luke Brechwald engineering degree from St Martin’s University- Owner of Joyride bike shop RRNW team sponsor.

Evan Schmitt student at UW and a regular on the microphone at NW bicycle races.

Connor Schilling, Joey Rogerson, Paul Sales, Ethan Maier, Catherine Maier, etc…….

Its goes on and on with this group of kids…