More and more people are getting hip to the variety of purposes bikes can be used for. In Indiana, the Bloomington Pedal Power company operated by Chad Roeder uses Kona Dews and some seriously burly looking trailers to haul tons of recycling and deliveries all over town. Here’s Chad’s report.

Hi Kevin! My friend and former Revolution Bike and Bean owner Brad Titzer gave me your email. He suggested I show you what we’ve been doing here in Bloomington with our Konas and custom trailers…I operate a delivery and recycling service for the downtown utilizing bikes and trailers. I have found that the Kona Dew series is the perfect bike for our purposes. I own an ’08 Dew Deluxe, and one of my riders uses an older “Dew”. Please see the attached pics for some illustration of our operation. Since May of ’08 we’ve hauled about 100 tons of stuff, and the business is growing! Anyway, I just thought you might be interested in how Kona has helped us achieve our goals.

To find out more about Bloomington Pedal Power contact Chad Roeder