The XC race season is in full swing! Following a strong kickoff in Austin, TX earlier this month, the US Cup Series brought racers and fans alike to the eastern Los Angeles area for round #2 at Bonelli Park. Kona’s connoisseurs of the trail Barry Wicks, Kris Sneddon and Spencer Paxson (aboard their new Hei Hei Supremes) were all in attendance to compete in the 100+ elite rider field, which included many of the best cross country racers from around the globe. Paxson held steady to finish 6th for the US and 16th overall. Sneddon and Wicks poured out a two-up Kona pain-train, coming across the line in 27th and 28th, respectively.

The US Cup Series has not only emerged as the biggest stage in XC racing for North America, it has also attracted some of the best talent from beyond of the continent. The race in Bonelli played host to virtually every top man and woman from Canada to Mexico, and also included a strong contingent of European-based elites, Olympic medalists and World Cup champions alike. With the exception of the World Cup series stopovers in Windham, NY, the 2014 US Cup series has hosted the most competitive field in xc racing in over ten years! Considering the overall growth of “mountain biking” in general, it’s encouraging to see increased momentum and depth returning to XC racing, specifically. Round #3 is this coming Saturday at Fontana, CA Southridge Park, and will bring the same high-level of competition as Bonelli. In the meantime, the Kona crew is enjoying the local SoCal flavor with several Kona Dealer visits and shop-rides throughout the week.

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

Photo Credit: Kevin McRee,