Brooklyn from the Kona Supremes is super stoked on her Process. Here she drops in with a bit of history with her 134, and where she’s going next…

Words by Brooklyn Bell.

Last summer I bought my first full suspension bike after I rode Kona Process 134 at a demo. I fell in love after the first ride! I was giggling and squealing like never before. A friend treated me to a local gem of a trail I had never seen before; a trail that was outside of the realm of what I thought mountain biking was, but I just charged it because the Process 134 inspired the confidence I needed. From that ride on, I was sold on this bike because it showed me that I could do anything. Making this purchase has changed my life and it’s been a crazy year on Cocoa the Bike.

Now I’m upgrading bikes. I’ve sold my Process 134 for a Process 153 so I can charge harder and send it bigger no matter where I ride. I’ll be trading in the Shimano Deore brakes for the more powerful stopping power of the SRAM Guide R brakes and a Sektor fork for the Yari Solo Air. The 153’s 1X11 drivetrain along with the wider rims and tires is also a major upgrade from the 2015 Process 134 I was on before. The 153 likes bigger lines, is much more stable and loves to charge. I love how at home it feels on the steeps and has no problem with bigger hits and senders. I’m really excited about all the trouble my new Process 153 will get me into this summer and next year.

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