It’s time to open up for applications to the 2022 Kona Ambassador program! Coming into its fourth year the KAP features riders from around the world that aim to share incredible expriences. We are addicted to incredible storytelling and know a good story can be the beginning of an amazing realtionship. Bikes are the tools that bring us so much joy, freedom, and respite from the daily grind. They give us fresh air, flight, and connect us with the elments and other people the way few other things can. We are building communites, helping to grow positivity and engaging with people who genuinely want to make their worlds a happier place.

We don’t look for the raddest riders or the people going huge. We look for people who are great at conveying why biking is so important to them. We want to provide a platform for you to share your voice, and we want to help you do it. Ambassadors are all eligible for deep discounts on (and sometimes even free) bikes, funding on projects, and great connections to other storytellers that can help bring their vision to life (writers, illustrators, filmers, photographers, etc).

So what ARE we looking for? We are looking for people from around the world who are creative! We want:

Trail builders
Community stewards

This year we’re also going to put out a special call for the following people: Those who use bikes as their primary mode of transportation, trail builders, and those who have gone (or want to go) full EBike. We will still be looking for all kinds of cyclists but we’re hoping to broaden our horizon and bring a few different backgrounds into the mix. So, what do you need to do to apply? Simply Copy the next few questions into an email and send your responses to ambassadors at Konaworld DOT com. Please include any sample projects or stories you’ve already created so we can get an idea of what you like to do. We will be accepting applications through November 14th, 11:59pm Pacific time

So you want to be an ambassador? Great! Please tell us what makes YOU unique in the cycling world.

Where do you live and what do you do for work?

What are your creative strengths?

Do you have any examples of stories or projects you’ve made in the past?

Why do you want to be a part of the Kona Ambassador Program?

What do you think you can bring to the program that will help spread good Kona/cycling vibes?

What can we do to make you feel like a valued rider?

What are you asking for in terms of support?

Perusing through past ambassdor projects, which ones stand out to you? Who is doing it right?


Optional questions:

Are you someone who uses a bike for your primary (or sole) mode of transportation? If so, can you elaborate?

Are you a trail builder? If so, where do you build?

What is your stance on eBikes?

What is your Instagram handle (if you have one)?

We are excited to see your applications! Best of luck!