“All of this makes me glad there are companies like Kona, where management is willing to make bikes like this that go against the grain.” 

NSMB’s Cam McRae has been riding our Honzo ESD for the last six months, he dropped an in-depth first impressions post early on, but we’ve been waiting with bated breath for his full review. Well, the wait is over! Cam’s full review is even more detailed than his first impressions post and it’s online for you to read right HERE.

I can tell you that riding the Honzo ESD has made me a better rider and I can’t wait until my next ride on a long travel dually, when I will saddle up and feel like I have superpowers. That sensation of being able to push your rear wheel through anything and to launch every root and rock, a byproduct of experiencing the more direct connection you get with the trail on a hardtail, doesn’t last when returning to a dually because we get used to it, but I’m pretty clear that every hardtail ride makes me a little better. It’s remarkable how much more trail contour I notice when I get back on a big bike, allowing me to find free momentum and better lines and to roll faster.