WoolJersey_ConsumerKona is proud to offer our new Canadian Made wool jerseys and jackets to the public. Canadian customers can contact JESSICA and US customers can contact BECCA to purchase. We also have a plethora of tee-shirts, hooded tees and other Kona branded paraphernalia you might want to ask the ladies about, you won’t regret it.

More info on the wool jerseys after the jump.

• Hand made in East Vancouver, Canada by Cima Coppi (http://cimacoppi.ca/)

• A great second layer for winter weather and crisp mornings, the Kona track jacket is also perfect for when you get cold after a long ascent or a hard effort at the track. Made from 380gsm 100% merino wool, this Jacket features embroidered logos, a zip randonneur pocket on the back and a 2″ collar for keeping comfortable.
• Full length, reversed coil YKK zipper with vintage pull. Made in Canada.
• Sewn using high tenacity stabilized spun polyester. Made in Canada.
• Embroidered chest and cuff Kona logos

• Our most versatile jersey for all weather conditions. By incorporating an 8″ zipper we can stretch the functional temperature to even the hottest days. Our jerseys are quite light, made from ultra fine merino wool, which breathes excellently.
• Made from 380gsm 100% merino wool
• YKK 8″ zipper. Made in Canada.
• Sewn using high tenacity stabilized spun polyester. Made in Canada.
• 3 elasticized back pockets with reinforced seams
• Embroidered chest and collar Kona logos

• Hand wash in cold water with minimal wool-safe soap. Lay flat to dry, away from direct sunlight or heat. Do NOT put in the dryer, as it will shrink.

• Refreshing your jacket or jersey: Wool garments don’t need to be washed after every single use. Instead, air your jersey flat on a bed or towel for an hour to eliminate odors, or refresh it after wearing by hanging it in a steamy bathroom. It will be odor-free and ready for your next ride.