Word and photos by Kona Ambassador Euan Camlin. (@euancamlinphotography)

Light and photography go hand in hand, the right light really does make or break a photograph so that was the task for this topic, go find some good light!

Unfortunately, all too often the weather does not play ball. I had high hopes for a recent trip to ride some new spots but the grey skies and moody mist didn’t let up all day. It was certainly atmospheric but that wasn’t the brief!

Two days bikepacking provided more opportunities and after a beautifully clear night under the stars, we were woken by the first soft rays of the day breaking through the trees.

 Still not quite getting the light I was looking for there was only one thing left to do, drop everything if the forecast looked good and head to the hills in time for golden hour.

The light may have been inconstant but the new bike was anything but, from big jumps to all day epics the Hei Hei Trail hasn’t missed a beat!