By Ambassador Matt Harris.

Half way through last fall there I was thinking that this would be one of those years where the cards didn’t align to head into the wild into the vast Chilcotin ranges. Thankfully, at the very last minute and quite possibly during the last weather window of the season, we prevailed. A small group of friends rallied, and we made those final fall days count. It was, by all counts, one for the books. I’m certain one of these photos even made it onto mum’s fridge!

This was one of many firsts for me. First time peadling right thru the South Chilcotin provincial park and into the Big Creek provincial park. First time strapping the Honzo’s frame bag to my Process 134, and yes they fit with some small modifications. And, it was my first time eating stroopwafels properly. Here are some frames of the faces and places we ventured to. Spending time over three days. Dawn to dusk adventure in the backwoods of BC.

These winter months are fading fast, Spring is in the air. It’s a perfect time for day dreaming away… plotting the next ramble into a wild place. I’m already looking forward to the next last minute window that presents itself. Where will you go next?

Collection of photos by  Max Bitel, Connor Stefanison, Matt Van Oostdam, Simon Tracey.