Cincinnati Ohio is not the first city that comes to mind when you think of high caliber cyclocross events, but the Cincy3 cyclocross festival delivers the goods. The three day, UCI sanctioned weekend begins in Devou Park, just south of the Ohio River in Kentucky. The course features massive elevation changes, mud holes and extremely challenging conditions. Only 8 people finished on the lead lap this day, with Sean “Boobs” Babcock coming home in 8th and Barry Wicks finishing up in 6th.

Day two traveled north to Middletown, Ohio for a tight, twisting race course through a downtown community park. Sharp accelerations and bike handling were the order of the day, with Boobs rolling in for 7th and Wicks coming through 11th.

Day three brought back the classic Harbin Park race course. Featuring even more extreme elevation changes than Friday and supper soft ground, Harbin Park was a true leg scorcher, especially coming after 2 hard days of racing. Sean gritted it out for 11th, with Wicks rolling through in 9th.

Next up for the Kona Cross Squad are the fifth and sixth rounds of the USGP series in Louisville Kentucky. The venue will host the 2012 Masters Cyclocross World Championships, as well as the 2013 Elite Cyclocross World Championships, so the crowds and excitement for this event are bound to be record breaking.

Thank you to Dan and Jake and all of our supporting sponsors for keeping us looking good and running on the best cyclocross equipment money can buy.

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