Join us on a ride through Kona’s 27-year long history making trail ripping mountain bikes. Together again, for the first time (crazy, right?), an original 1988 Kona Cinder Cone shares the trail with its 2014 offspring. Hop on a true mountain bike original and Kona’s longest running bike model and blast through a quarter century of fun.

Slaven runs into, well, um, another Slaven. Dude hasn’t aged a hair! Photo: Sterling Lorence

While shooting the video, Kona’s enduro shredder, Matt Slaven couldn’t help but love riding a bike that was basically made the year he was born. Photo: Sterling Lorence

He also had a blast on the new Cinder, which features 27.5 wheels, Scandium 69 frame and sweet spec. Photo: Sterling Lorence

Here she be, our first ever mountain bike, and today, our longest running model. Splatter paint, Cromoly, Suntour shifting…beauty.

Around the Banyan tree we go. Wasn’t easy finding the retro Lycra, even harder to get Slaven to wear it. Photo: Sterling Lorence

History with a little twist. At Kona, we love the fact that we’ve been in the game since the beginning. Photo: Sterling Lorence