Words by Ambassador Jo Peters // Photos by Ambassador Trish Bromley 

I wanted to start the season off by getting a group of gals together to learn mountain biking with the best instructors that I know and in the most supportive environment possible. 

For years I have been trying to create a space where women can learn to progress on their bikes in a way that is fun, easy and safe. Each year I think I have gotten closer but this particular event felt like we had made it. 

What are the elements needed to create this space? We had the park to ourselves and the pace was relaxed. All the staff and participants were female including the photographer and even my pups 😉 The positive energy was infectious. 

We had a healthy dose of sugar from Sunflower bakery, perfectly cool overcast weather, the trails were buffed to perfection, and progression happened. I worked to create small intimate groups where the riders vibed with their instructors.

From beginner to advanced we had a group for everyone. One participant brought her ebike and the park staff unloaded and loaded for her each time which made it possible for her to ride all day. Another participant had only been riding for a year and was clearing committing gaps by the end of the day with expert guidance from her instructor. Other riders had never left the ground before and were able to learn the full jump progression in order to safely approach more air in the future. Other groups went in-depth with cornering and I saw them railing high-speed berms by the end, taking high lines they really did not think were possible.

Needless to say, this was an epic day and my heart is full. My goal out here is to create more of these spaces where we as women can feel safe to build confidence, speed and style in our riding. We can all access the flow state that is mountain biking.