Lately, the forest has been a glowing green, it’s so green it almost hurts my eyes. The rain keeps coming, creating waterfalls, new streams, erosion, and flooding but in some areas, the trails are perfectly intact, and the sound of water flowing around you is a spa-like soundscape. 

I am currently recovering from a long and complex injury in my ankle. The combination of biking within my comfort level, and cold water soaks have become the perfect and most effective rehab so far. 

Usually, when I cruise down a trail and hit the first puddle, I cringe as the cold water seeps through my socks and freezes my feet. I now look forward to this sensation and find it relieving. The constant ache in my ankle disappears and I can focus on riding the trail ahead. I am able to get through longer rides if I take the time to soak my ankle in cold water. This is better than any painkiller I have tried. I have a new appreciation for water these days and I have been embraced by the forest even on the wettest days. 

Controlling my breath as I splash the mountain runoff on my face, I can feel a rush of endorphins easing the fogginess in my head, anxiety, and fatigue which are all too common with a chronic injury. 

Nature has it all and offers healing powers that are sometimes only seen when we need it the most. Biking has allowed me to access these powers in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. 

Photos and video by Jordan Tieszan