The Kona Europe Crew is currently having a grand old time ripping fast, flowy and tech singletrack in the south of France. To introduce a bunch of European press to Kona’s 2011 Operator downhill bikes and Cadabra all-mountain rippers, we headed to the famed training grounds of our Factory Team Enduro rider Karim Amour. Today, dropping in from a castle dating back to the 1400s, with the Mediterrean Ocean visible in the distance, bike journalists from Norway, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Holland dove into our all new Operator platform. Not to toot our own horn, but the boys were impressed. So with the sun setting behind the rolling hills above Nice, painting the snowy peaks of the southern Alps in orange, with a whole bunch of vertical under our belts, we go to quaff copious quantities of fine wine. Riding bikes in February is the best. Photos by Ale di Lullo