It seems to have caused quite a stir, and some emotive responses to boot. Click here to read the thread. This post comes from T. Scott Hoffmeyer:

I would have to say my favorite bike is the Kona Major One 2009. This bike is my best built bike I own. I have had 3 kona bikes in my arsenal at a time- 2008 Kona Unit 2-9, 2009 Kona Paddy Wagon, and the 2009 M.O. The paddy wagon was a special bike to me, now a friend owns it, riding to work as his commuter bike and all around fun town bike! That bike was the first nice commuter/fixie I ever owned. It even was so perfect I raced an entire track season with 48/15 gearing for 3 months with the paddy. It still is something special.

The Major One is the ALL AROUND ANYTHING ANYWHERE bike! I love it. I race it, commute with it, hop a curb with it, get muddy with it, live with it! IT IS AWESOME! The root-beer tubing color finish isn’t to bad either.

As for the Unit 2-9: Something that I give thanks to every season for keeping me connected with nature and why I love bikes so much. One bike that will stay with me, forever.