Over the weekend we raced the fifth and final round of the Gravity Enduro South Australia at Eagle MTB Park for the second time this year. There is a huge variety of tracks there so this round was fairly different from the previous round as far as stages go. Not to mention it was a warm 36 degrees this time compared to rain in the first round!
I feel super lucky we were able to have a complete five-round enduro season at home, the bike still had a lot of weekends with the race plate on the front. This weekend’s race only had four stages which were all pretty challenging and they all utilized sections of the downhill tracks at Eagle MTB Park. There was a mandatory fifth stage for the e-bike category which you could have a crack at if you wanted to. I thought I’d challenge myself to the almost 6km long stage but quickly regretted my decision after realizing it would be 12 minutes of pedaling agony with seemingly more uphill than downhill… On that stage I ended up 6th out of 11 e-bikes.
The rest of the stages went smoothly for me and the Process X. I clean swept the stages to take the win (except being the second-fastest human-powered bike on the e-bike stage). By now I’ve had a lot of time to dial in the bike and really get used to how it works. The Process X is really suited to the rough and rocky stages here and all season long I never had one single issue, which gives me huge confidence in the bike for next year’s EWS races. After racing my Process 153, Honzo CR, and finally the Process X, I took the win for the series. I just had so much fun racing an entire State series. Racing World Cups you almost start to feel disconnected from the local scene, I grew up only having time to drop into one or two local races a year. I haven’t been home for a whole year since 2010, and it was great to meet lots of new people and become a bigger part of the local riding community! – Connor Fearon

We wrapped up the Gravity Enduro Series here in South Australia on Sunday with the fifth and final round being held at Eagle Mountain Bike Park. It was the second time racing at this venue for the season but running a different combo of tracks with a mix of the DH tracks and some pedally sections. Overall the course was short but super fun and to spice things up we had to race in 36 degrees so short was ideal. I was racing my Process 153 throughout the whole season and took out the win on the day with a clean sweep in all the stages and wins in most the other rounds. After having to miss the previous round I ended up finishing second in the overall. It was so great to see more females out racing with around 30 women racing across three categories.

We were so lucky to have such a supportive local series here in South Aus, even with all the COVID chaos happening this year the organizers still made a race season happen and all the rounds had sold out within a day. – Shelly Flood