“Kids who want to race World Cup downhill should definitely ride clips but I just can’t bring myself to do it.” Connor Fearon on riding flats

That quote is just one of the many candid down to earth responses you’ll find in Connor Fearon’s in-depth Pink Bike interview. From talking about coming second to a guy with no chain, to his thoughts on flats and turning down offers to stay with Kona. Head over there now and give it the full read. 

“I couldn’t imagine signing for a new team and knowing that they’ve just got me on board to get results for them. I don’t want to ride with that pressure and Kona have been really good to me. I like the bike and I just think it’s a good match. I’m looking forward to one day when I retire still riding for Kona and doing some other stuff for them so. I’m just really happy so there’s no need for me to want to leave.” Connor Fearon on turning down other sponsorship offers