connorOn Sunday Connor had a terrible crash in the lower rock garden on the Hafjell track. It left him with a small concussion, a broken cheek bone and nose and several stitches on his face. We’ve since been told he will likely require facial surgery, but first needs to wait for the swelling to go down, which means he can travel home and have the operation in Australia.

It’s been an honor having Connor Fearon riding for Kona this year. The kid has true class, grit, humility and incredible skill. We’re so glad he’s going to make a full recovery after a terrible crash at the World Championships. Can’t wait for next year Connor! And hey, don’t worry about the video, it’s still going to be rad! To send Connor your best wishes, please see his instagram @connorahoyhoy.

Connor reports: So it’s day 3 in the hospital right now. I guess if I was gonna eat shit this year it was best to happen on the very last day when the season was virtually over… Obviously I’m gutted to not race on Sunday but that’s just how racing goes. I’m doing okay i need to check in with a face bone specialist guy somewhere else in Norway today to see if I need metal in my face or not. If everything goes to plan I’ll be home on Friday night and should be relatively recovered in less than a couple weeks. This year otherwise has been pretty good. I’ve trained hard and had some good results but deep down I hate getting in between 10th and 20th. I want to win one of these things so after the recovery period I’m going to start training for next year to tick some more goals off.

Thanks to Mathieu Dupelle his stayed back in Norway with me to make sure I’m okay and get home I can’t thank him enough. Thanks to everyone else who’s sent me a message or email especially Anne-Marie Ludekens who’s checks up on me. Thanks to Kona bikes and Mitchell Scott we were making a sweet video of world champs but I sorta ruined it by crashing… I’m sure there will be awesome things to come from us anyway! Sorry for the massive status I’ve been sitting in hospital for a couple days now It gets boring!