From Downhill 247: Home town race and therefore a home town Inside Info from Connor Feraon, the whole time in cairns even we noticed just how much support he had! So with out further a-do take it away Mr Worldwide;

As soon as I heard about the world cup in Cairns I was quietly confident. Even before I knew anything about the track I just had this feeling it was going to be a good race for me. My first world cup at my home country would really mean a lot to me. In my head the whole 2014 season was going to be good for me, I proved I had improved my fitness by a fair margin in South Africa with a 25th but I wanted better. I don’t often voice my goals but I wanted to get a top 5 podium at the Cairns world cup, it was pretty much my goal from the end of last year when I proved to myself I could mix it with the best. Matty and I got to Cairns about a week early and did a lot of the obligatory tourist activities. I’ve never been to Cairns but highly recommend it as a holiday destination! Read more