2011 Australian National Downhill Champions have been crowned at Eagle Park, Adelaide, Australia in dry dusty conditions on a day with mixed emotions as Connor Fearon beat the current World Jr Champ and was second over all within in a second of the winner, Mick hannah.

It was Brandon Yrttiaho holding the hot seat as Troy Brosnan started his run, Troy looked as smooth as ever, pedalling hard to the finsh line Troy lunged forward to stop the timing beam. The timing board read 2.05.28, over 3 seconds quicker than his seeding run but short of Connor Fearon’s seeding time. Last rider in the gate, Connor, set off on a mission. As he pedalled the last straight the crowd errupted, a 2.02.57 was 2.71 seconds clear of Troy’s time and almost 2 seconds faster then his seeding time. “My run was wild, I couldn’t have asked for much better, I pedalled as much as I could, I blew out a few corners but railed a few others which made up for it.” Connor Fearon.

Check out the times!
Junior Men

1. Connor Fearon, SA, 2:02.57
2. Troy Brosnan, SA, 2:05.28 + 2.71
3. Brandon Yrttiaho, QLD, 2:12.03 + 2.76
4. Ben Power, QLD, 2:11.07 + 8.50
5. Sam Fraser, QLD, 2:12.03 + 9.46

Elite Men

1. Michael Hannah, QLD, 2:02.36
2. Joshua Button, NSW, 2:04.27 + 1.91
3. Bryn Atkinson, ACT, 2:04.33 + 1.97
4. Rhys Willemse, QLD, 2:04.41 + 2.05
5. Ben Cory, ACT, 2:05.66 + 3.30

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