The second round of the Enduro National Series was held at the Fox Creek Trails in the Adelaide Hills. Luckily for me the timing was good and I was home in between World Cups so, along with a couple friends, I decided to enter.

I don’t know much about the craft of racing enduro. I figured it would just be six downhill runs and you’d have to pedal back to the top, I was sort of right but some of the downhill stages felt like they went uphill most the time! To my surprise this made pedalling the 160 vertical meters back to the top for each run a pleasant rest from the burn of lactic acid I was receiving every stage._D3S7590I have a good group of friends that love riding as much as I do so we all cruised the stages as a group having a laugh along the way often forgetting we were even racing.

_DSC7671It was a tough race for me because I train to race for less than five minutes not three hours. I ended up winning which surprised me but more importantly the race was a good change from the seriousness of World Cup racing and had I got first or last I would have left with a smile on my face.