David from Cornish Dealer www.ricciltd.com has been customising his bikes. A long story short… I love all that low-brow Hot Rod culture, but not having a ’34 Ford Coup at hand I decided to let my inner red-neck Rock-a-Billy with a Kernow twist loose on a Kona Rat Frame…the Rat had it’s glossy Purple paint stripped with Oven cleaner, Nitromors, Wire Wool and Elbow greese…this took some doing…I then put the naked Rat outside coverd it in salt, bleach and the occasional waz on it as the mood took and let nature do it’s thing…BANG…six weeks later and my Rat had a certain rusty something… in rust we trust… I have a lot of LOVE for Kona and the Rat joins my Paddy Wagon, A-ha and Humuhumunukunukuapua Deluxe but I gotta to polish those ones! over n’ out David.