From the chaos of Santo Domingo to the beaches of Boca Chica to the mountains of Costanza, we had a great tour of the Dominican
Republic. The Vuelta de Independencia was relatively flat but the racing was hard and provided a great boost to all of our fitness levels. In the course of 9 Stages/1001 km, I went from being a woodchopper
to a biker again. Finishing in the top third of the pack, somewhere around 40 out of 120 starters. Alright for an out of shape mountain biker. More importantly we had a week full of laughs mixed in with some solid Latin American chaos.

Road racing is a great way to see a country and get some base fitness in. My King Zing was great, we dominated through the rough roads and bunny hopping speed bumps. My road tactics weren’t dominating as they are still a work in progress and left me using more muscle than mind for most the week. Once I get some better tactics down such as pack position and energy conservation, these roadies will be in trouble.

The next few days Jean-Micheal Lachance and myself are headed back to Samana to search out some waterfalls, do some recovery rides to the beach and get some cheap dental work done. It will take a few
days to get the energy levels back up after this past week of heavy expenditures.
Continuing the trend of devouring fresh tropical fruits and coconut waters should have us back up to peak levels in no time.

On Monday I will fly out to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to join my Kona Teammates at an early season training camp before ripping up the Rouge Roubaix on March 10th. Here we go race year 2013!

PS The full race report can be found at