The head bonk at the BC Bike Race healed up quicker then I would’ve expected but on average with other concussions right around the 7-10 day mark. I was concerned as I hit my head hard in back to back games in juniors one year and had headaches for months after, lucky for me I kept my head off the ground in the critical period right after the first blow and was back riding just 2 weeks after the incident.

12 days of rest concluded with long time family friend Connor Mcdonald getting married to his now wife Kalee in a nice country setting up in Salmon Arm. Country music, hay bales, horses, and a roasted pig, it was a great wedding and the perfect escape from the mental overload of the cycling world. Being symptom free for 6 days I took a bit of a risk and headed down to Bend Oregon to stay with Barry Wicks for the week. The drive down was great as the Russ Hays Team allowed me to hop in their van for the 8-hour drive. Thanks for the trip guys! Once down in Bend it was race time as Barry and I decided we would try to race the 6 day Cascades Classic road race around the 100 Mile NUE (National Ultra Endurance) series mountain bike race. The only overlap was Saturday in which the mountain bike race was 5:30 am till 2pm, and then stage 5 of the Cascades classic, the Criterium was later that evening downtown. More