Its the day after the Scott 24hrs over here in Australia. I feel like a hungover old man, my hands are numb and my one eye is still a little blurred. The race went well as I battled a lot of un foreseen obstacles and finished 4th. It was a solid field with 24 HR World Champ Jason English winning it, UK/European 24 HR Champ Matt Page 2nd, & local Aussie Andrew Hall 3rd.

I cranked it from the gun and led for the first 3 laps before sinking into a nice rythym and riding with Jason until the 7 hr mark. There were Kangaroos loaping around and apparently a few deadly snakes weaving around the course. My legs were on fire on the climbs where I would drop everyone but I would lose a bit in transitions and on the descents where these Aussies have things dialled. Just before dusk I started to realize my tank of gas wasn’t completely full coming into this one and that I was already running on reserve power. This you can get away with in some races but when you have some of the top riders in the World racing you have to bring it all to the table. As the night went on I slipped out of contention for a top 3 and then road a solid race to hold onto to 4th.

With the 24hr World Solo Championships taking place back here in Canberra Australia in 2013 it was a real treat to come over a year before for a little reconnaissance.

Now its time for some real R & R as in 4 days I will find myself and my King Kahuna on the line for the 9 stage, Crocodile Trophy up in the northern Australian outback.

Over and out!