Mountain goat. Ox. Cat. There are many, many animals to compare to Endurance team rider Cory Wallace, but the main theme is that Cory is a beast. His version of a challenge is enough to put most people in the grave. It’s hard to put his strength and fitness into words so we wanted to share an insight into the type of challenge that Cory relishes.

Cory took the idea of Everesting and added his own twist… a world-record attempt at both Everesting and double Everesting. That’s right double Everesting. That’s nearly 60,000 feet of vertical gain in one go. Sound impossible? Crazy? Welcome to Cory’s mind, where the impossible becomes just another interesting idea and insane is all in how you frame a challenge. We sent ambassaor Peter Wojnar to shadow Cory during his attempt a few months ago. Battling smoke and heat, Cory set out to do what few others have even attempted. Did he make it? Check the video to find out.

Cory traded off between his Hei Hei CR Race and his Honzo CR for this challenge to maximize climbing effeciency and comfort while descending when he started to feel fatigued.