Joe Sales photo

Hi Guys,
Coming to you from Canmore Alberta and the 24 Nationals last weekend. Race went super well. Went out cross country style and put the hurt on the boys for the first 6hrs then set it into cruise control. Leighton Poidevin who has won alot of these was hot on my heels in second place for the first 8hrs but fell ill in the middle of the night leaving a big gap between myself and the other riders once he dropped out.

With the win I have a trip over to Australia for Wolrds this October. Off to the mountains to lay low for a while and eat fresh trout and wild blueberries. Thanks for all the support this past weekend. The Hei Hei was the bike of choice given the rough course and the King Kahuna 29’r did pretty wicked as well for the few laps it did.


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