Recently the crew from Banana Backpacks sat down with Kona Adventure Team rider/racer Cory Wallace. They talked about some of his most incredible experiences on a bike from meeting the Prime Minister of Bhutan to almost being swept away by a raging river and being rescued by monster trucks towing Jeeps. No joke. This is an incredible read about one of cycling’s most interesting personalities. Enjoy!

“One day it started raining and just before the finish line there was a big river we had to get across. The first few of us got across the river and it was waist deep, which was manageable but not super safe. By the time the last people came, the river was raging. So they had to hop in jeeps and jeep them across the river.  The next stage of the race we were supposed to go across this other river and down it, with about 25 river crossings. But when they went to scout it out they lost one of their jeeps because the river was so high. It was just too dangerous to race.” -Cory Wallace

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