Adventure team rider Cory Wallace spent 11 months in Nepal after beign forced to stay there during lockdown due to the pandemic. Not one to sit idly by, Wallace spent his time Everesting, riding across all kinds of crazy distances, and fundraising. Wallace has spent the past few winters training in Nepal and after seeing the poverty that is so widespread, he started raising money for training centers for local cyslists. This year he took it even further and wanted to raise money to help feed local families. In true form, Wallace well-surpsassed his goals and amassed over 15,000 meals to donate.

While he’s back home on Canadian soil he’s still trying to figure out ways to help out his friends in Nepal. While Cory was in lockdown, he was taken in by a monastery that housed around 30 monks. They needed a dry house and he was able to raise money throgh his everesting ride to begin construction on that house. Now they’re looking to finish the project and Cory’s goal is to raise another $3,000 USD to help out his friends. He’ll be tacking a big 270km ride this Friday on Vancouver Island from the west coast to Port Renfrew, across to Lake Cowichan, then back on the great trail to Victoria. Cory would LOVE your help in meeting his fundraiser goal. To learn more about the project, please visit the GoFundMe page.