VeloNews recently spent some time with Adventure Team rider Cory Wallace. Wallace is our true adventure renaissance man, taking on insanely challenging races like the Yak Attack stage race in Nepal, crushing world records on the Annapurna Circuit, and two-time 24-hour solo world champion. What does it take to be able to pull all of that off?

“I used to be a tree planter. You put hip bags on, 4 or 500 trees, you go walk around the clear-cut for a couple of hours unloading the bags. We’d plant like 2 or 3,000 trees a day you’re talking 10-, 12-hour days…The first two weeks you just want to quit and go home, but your mind adapts to it and you just accept that life kind of sucks. So I did that for a couple of months, and I think that built the mental ability to ride 24 hours.” – Cory Wallace

The full interview goes into Wallace’s dreams to be pro hockey player in the NHL, his time as a lumberjack, and why the blending of cultures from far off countries and the cycling community is so unique. You can read the full interview here.