By Cory Wallace

The Cape Epic certainly lived up to its hype of the “Tour de France” of mountain biking. The mix of trails, climbing, rugged terrain, camp life, and teamwork make the Epic a true all-rounders race. It was a lifelong dream to experience this race and we were delivered the full package with scorching heat, rain, and mud over the course of the 8 days and 600 km of riding.  In total, I was on the Hei Hei for over 29 hours on the week as we just snuck into the top 20, with our top result (16th) coming in the last stage. 

Huge shout out to Craig Boyes for stepping up to fill in for my original injured teammate Christiaan Janse Vanrensburg,  just under 2 days before the race start. For two guys that didn’t know each other before the race, we had a great time working together and know each other quite well now!

With the Epic over, that put a cap on 19 days of racing in the month with the BCBR doubleheader back in Canada kicking things off.  The last few weeks have been spent getting dental work done, being a tourist, and enjoying some rest.  More on deck, first there’s just one last tooth to get fixed…
Over and Out from South Africa!