_OE12755 The night before the race I opted for a solo camping mission along one of Squamish’s fireroads. Hiking 2 minutes into the woods finding a stellar campsite pitched on a 20 ft cliff overlooking a small river down below. With a mossy forest flooring, the sound of rushing water and some fresh air this made for a great nights rest. The next morning I woke up and hiked down to the river for a chilly dip. This was is better than any cup of caffeine and immediately shook all the cob webs out of the system. When I got out of the water I looked up to see a race official on the other side of the river setting up the start finish arch. This was great to find out camp was just 300 ft from the startline and made for easy preps. It was just a short wade across the river to the race start and I could easily return to camp for last minute preps. more at www.corywallace.com