The 24hr Worlds down here in Majura Pines, Canberra Australia went great over the weekend. I went out hard and set the pace for the 400 solo’s for the first 5 laps before being caught by the defending 24 Champion and eventual race winner Jason English (Australian). From that point on I battled it out with a couple other riders for posisitons 2nd-4th. The last 10 hrs of the race we were within 6 minutes of each other for the whole thing. It was the hardest I have ever rode my bike. With two laps to go I was sitting in 3rd but managed to turn the after burners on for the last lap to come in 2nd! Just 2 minutes ahead of 3rd. I am hammered right now. Ty and the Kona boy’s looked after me great over here. Ben was at the race and helped set up the pit and supported me throughout the night. The Shimano boys looked after the mechanics. Thank you guys for helping set this up and for all the support you have given me this season! I wouldn’t be able to compete at this level without it.

Best Regards,
Cory Wallace