7:30 am: Race time. The race started hard as I wasn’t going to mess around after going out slow at Nationals and never really getting into the race. 500 ft off the line a young bull gave us a little head shake as we charged by him which helped kickstart the adrenal glands.

Leading 1hr into the race I came to an opening where a race volunteer was on the middle of a bridge pointing me to go right into a willow meadow. I knew from year’s before that we were suppose to stay on the trail but the volunteer disagreed and we got into a bit of an argument. With Mike Vine and Matt Hadley close behind I didn’t have alot of time to argue so I followed the guys directions into the Willows. It was unrideable and pretty soon myself, Mike & Matt were all togethar walking waist deep throught the willow patch with our bikes above our heads. It was a gongshow. I’m not sure what that race volunteer had in mind but I figure he had one or two too many beers the night before and was in rough shape that morning.

Back on course the three of us would ride togethar for the next 45 minutes which was perfect to eat up the little it of gravel road riding. Back on the trails we hit a decent climb up powderface where Mr.Hadley blew sky high, I took the lead, Mike took chase and that was the race. I did manage my first ever endo on a 29’r, going uphill at 10 km/hr over some roots. You know your semi-blown when you pull a move like this. It bent my stem around which was a quick fix and then it was off to the finishline to take down the course record by 16 minutes & reclaim the Bow 80 title after losing it to Mike the year before. The Carbon King Kahuna 29’r was a real weapon on this course with all the accelerations and steep climbing.

Big thanks to the Bow Cycle crew from Calgary for putting on another stellar race!