It’s always inspiring to race through the highest mountains on earth! It’s been a long season but the body still had some diesel let tin the tank as I was able to take a fourth consecutive win and break most of my records from the previous years. It seems year after year the body gets better adapted to the high altitude. 

Going over the 5416 M high ThorongLa Pass is always a rush. This year a small snow squall moved in, blanketing the mountains, it created a bit of an eery atmosphere. The descent off the top is nearly 2.5km vert and always unforgettable. Fellow Kona teammate, Rhys Verner was racing this year and it was great to see his excitement as we entered the high mountains. He had a great race, adapting to the tough environments and getting faster all week. He also laid down some insanely fast times on the enduro sections of the race which I sure won’t be broken anytime soon. 

This year the competition was a bit lighter as all the top Nepalis were in a closed camp and the top foreigners were MIA. I’ll miss next year’s Yak Attack as I’ll be racing 24-hour Worlds in Australia, thus I wanted to leave a mark this year. In the end, Kona Hei Hei’s swept the top three podium spots with Roan Tamang from Nepal in second and Rhys in third! I’ll look forward to returning in 2021 to try and reclaim the title from whoever takes it next year! Time to rest for a few days before heading back to the Annapurna Circuit on Nov 24th for the Annapurna 24hr fundraiser.