Slope-style is very dependent on the weather and over the past few years there has been ups and downs all over the planet and this year at Winter Park mother nature was playing some games. On Saturday she decided to let up and let the best slope-style riders in the world finally come out to play. If the best slope-style riders were there that means so was the Clump.

The whole team came out and in the end Aggy and Paul Bass made it to the finals after a lot of unreal riding and a lot of spectacular crashes.

Andreu and his brother Lluis were out there on there new pro model Lacondeguy Inc. for the first time and were woring out the bugs of riding a new frame. Course designer and long time Clump rider, John Cowan was even in the mix and in his second run tried to pull off a 360 out of the first cup which no one had tried. The old dog still was throwing down. This just opened the eyes of a few other competitors to try the same thing. Aggy had a good first run to put him into sixth place but it was Paul Bass that set the bar so high on his first run only to be edged out of first by Brandon Semenuk.

Now for round two. Aggy and Bass were new poised in a good spot for the finals but being the pros that they are, threw down for their second run. Aggy had spectacular crash off of the first road gap drop over spinning a 360 and got pretty worked. Bass did the same thing only to blow his rear wheel. Both guys dropping a spot on the leader board. A little deja vu for the final run. Aggy and Bass switched events for their finals with Aggy stomping his three only to blow a tire and Bass working himself on his three. Their previous runs were enough to hold them in 3rd and 7th spot. Aggy was happy with his result “That three was the biggest thing I’ve done since last year. It was for my homie Liam”

Bass was again the consummate professional and said “I didn’t come all the way out here to not do my best. I’m just glad I’m in one piece. That was a gnarly crash.” Brandon walked away with the win with Greg watts taking second and Bass third. Willy and his crew did a great job holding down the Kona fort for the boys. I would like to shout out to Trevor and the boys from Shimano for dialing in the Clumps bikes and for really showing support to the Freeride side of things.

If this is a lead up to what is to happen at Crankworx in Whistler next week it will be a show not to miss.

1st. Brandon Semenuk $6500.00
2nd. Greg Watts $5000.00
3rd. Paul Bass Kona $3500.00
4th. Tyler McCaul $1200.00
5th. Sam Dueck $1000.00 (Whistler invite.)
6th. Cam Zink $500.00
7th. Graham Agassiz Kona $500.00
8th. Mike Montgomery $500.00 (Whistler Invite.)
9th. Kurtis Sorge $500.00
10th. Geoff Gulevich $500.00
Best Trick: Greg Watts $1000.00

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