Nothing short of fun, laughs, and great riding at the CX Fest in Montreal this year. The sub-zero temperatures didn’t stop riders from having a blast on the track custom made by organizer Emile Robillard, who only had one goal in mind: put an event together where people are just having a good time riding their bikes. But, how much fun can it be running to your bike, riding through a school bus, getting into a jungle of pool noodles and avoiding hanging pickles? (Yes, CX is eclectic, but that’s what makes it fun!) See for yourself :

The event raised just short of $2000 to help out building trails in the area, and organizers would like to thank their partners, La CordeeGroupe Plein Air Terrebonne, and Kona Bikes for their support. Cx Fest will definitely be back next year!
Photos by Judicael Aspirot – Instagram @judjudjud
Video by Maxime Trudel – Instagram @mt_lab