“The best part of riding the Remote was that it also let me ride with my über-fit partner with an unprecedented reversal of roles: I was now the first one up the hill, and for a change, he was chasing me. Atop the Kona Remote, I was, essentially, able to motor pace a veteran endurance racer who has for years kicked my ass up every climb. This alone was enough to warrant a rave review. But the fact that this hardtail eMTB was shreddier than expected, and delivered a fun ride all around, sealed the deal.”

Val at CycleVolta has been ripping round the Santa Ana Mountains in California on board the updated 2021 Kona Remote. Val’s review not only outlines the bikes performance charcteristics but takes a look at the bikes ability to enable you to get a lot deeper into the wilderness than ever before.

“Overall, the Remote is a superfun hardtail that’s capable enough to handle a variety of terrain. I’ve never had such a good time on a bike in my local mountains, and am already dreading giving this bike back!”

You can check out the full Remote review on CycleVolta Here.