On 17 March was the first race of the season and the first race of the Enduro easyphone cup in Esneux, Belgium. After years of riding Fourcross and some downhill races, I decided to change my focus to Enduro and Downhill. I’ve been riding the Mega Avalanche a couple of times, but never did an enduro stage race. So this was my first enduro stage race. All the Enduro easyphone cup races are just one day races without any training allowed. There were 6 stages that day in approximately 26 kilometers. Because it was my first enduro race I didn’t knew on which level I would be. It was a wet day with a lot of mud, so it was hard to ride the stages at full speed without knowing what to come. There were some pretty technical stages, especially with all the mud, but also some pretty hard stages to test your fitness. Overall the stages went pretty well. I didn’t had any crashes or big mistakes, only rode a bit to carefully. I ended up 4th overall and 3rd in the elite category, a good result for the first race and something to build up from.

ES1 enduro race #1 La Roche

On 7 April was the first ES1 enduro race at La Roche Belgium. 5 stages this time in approximately 34 kilometers. The stages were mostly dry and very fast. It was less technical than the race in Esneux, but fitness wise it was harder. In the second stage I took a wrong turn and lost a lot of time and also lost the race on this stage. The other stages went good without any big mistakes. I finished in 2nd place in the elite category and 3th Overall.

l’Ambleve enduro Remouchamps

On 14 April was the l’Ambleve enduro race at Remouchamps Belgium. 7 stages in approximately 35 kilometers and a lot of big climbs and long stages. Physically the hardest race jet. The first stage was a dual start stage which was fun to do, because you can push yourself more with your competitor in front or behind you. I was the whole stage in front of my competitor but made a mistake in the end of the stages and crashed just before an uphill. I still managed to stay in front of him finishing the stage but lost a lot of time. I also made a mistake in the 3th stage because I took a wrong line in a turn and didn’t carry much speed out of the turn. After that turn there was a little and steep uphill which I just couldn’t make to the top and had to walk a bit. The other stages went good without any problems. I finished 1st in elite and 4th overall.

Enduro Easyphone cup #2 Ovifat

On 21 April was the second Enduro Easyphone Cup in Ovifat Belgium. There where 6 stages and because there was lift access at this venue we didn’t had to ride much uphills. The second stage was the hardest stage of the day. At the bottom of the downhill section there was a long up and down going trail with a lot of rocks and crossing a river a couple of times. Although I could have gone a bit faster it went well and I set the fasted time on this stage. Stage 4 was the best stage with being it a mass start stage. I was on the front row with the other guys in the top of the overall. After the start I was in the 3rd position but after the second turn I moved up to position 2. Behind Martin Maes, the overall leader. I was behind him the rest of the stage but it was hard to pass somewhere and I was already riding on my limit. In the last turn he crashed but I couldn’t get around him so I finished second. One stage got cancelled because someone crashed in stage 4 and he had to be taken to the hospital. So with one stage to go and still in contend for the overall win, I had to give it my best. I had I good run but it wasn’t good enough and finished 2nd overall, just 9 seconds from the winner. I finished 1st in elite.

Enduro Easyphone cup #3 Amay

On 5 may was the 3th Enduro Easyphone race. It was nice weather and the tracks were dry and dusty. After a small ride to the first stage it was time to race. The first stage was not so technical, but it was nice and fast with an uphill in it. One section I was going a bit too fast and I missed a turn. The other stages went ok, but it wasn’t my day. I didn’t feel very fit and didn’t had any power in my legs. I finished 3th overall, just 3 seconds from the number 2. Still not a bad result, but it felt like I could have done a lot better.