Darren Reports: Hey Kelly, here are a few pictures that Jesse Peterson took of me riding my Explosif 27.5, wearing my Kona jersey.

I gotta tell ya, this bike is a freakin’ blast!

Climbing has been great! Right now the way I have it set up it’s at 31 lbs. Light for me, for sure! And could maybe even go lighter in the long run! Descending has been surprising to say the least!

After riding with nothing less than 160 of travel up front, and 66 degree head angles, I thought the 120mm and 68 degrees were going to be scary. Not so much!

I’ve taken it down some true steeps, and it’s handling them well. Of course I’ve shot myself over the bars a couple of times, but that was more rider error than bike set up!

The 27.5 wheels seem to roll faster, up & down. I know that could be part “new bike adrenalin”, but I’m going with bike set up!

This is going to be my Push-A-Kona #10 bike! I’ve got no hesitations trying to do 100 miles in the Santa Ana’s on this bike!

Thanks again for the jersey, and tell the product group this bike was a brilliant idea!!

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