Just over 3 weeks ago Rocky Heidt, co-owner of Southwest Bicycles in Las Vegas, NV once again headed from Bellingham, WA, the new home of our Kona Bike Shop for his annual post-Kona Launch Tour down to San Francisco.  On the morning of Saturday August 8th Rocky and four of his shop friends left the Kona Bike Shop parking lot on their trip south. They picked up several more riders along the way as they rode the coast, along beautiful bike paths and rocky coastlines, crossed magnificent bridges and caught island ferries, ate oysters and wild black berries, and drank Cheap Red Wine and custom IPA’s on their way to San Francisco.  image006

The group chose a selection of Kona bikes including a Sutra, a Rove and a Big Rove for their tools of pleasure.  Yesterday they crossed the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge as they made their final stop into Shaky Town.image005-1

Check out Rocky’s FB page to follow up on their tour and to see all of the great stops they made along the way.image001-1

If you live in Las Vegas make sure to check out Rocky’s shop ( 290 W. Azure Drive Las Vegas) and see his touring display complete with bikes, bags, tents and accessories for all your touring needs coming this Fall.
Great job Rock and crew!  Congratulations!IMG_0198