When most reps visit shops it is a quick in….show a bit of product….and out again. Kona’s rep, Dik Cox, takes another approach. The day is all about activities and getting the shop guys outside. I was lucky enough to tag onto Dik’s visit with Oak Bay Bikes in Nanaimo where they proclaimed October 1st to be Dik Cox Day.

Written Itinerary:
9:30 Meet for Coffee and load up bikes.
10:30 Ride GREAT single track in Nanaimo including the Abyss and Roller Coaster with the Oak Bay Bikes crew. Testing out the new Scandium Abra Cadabra, The 2010 Hei Hei 29’er and everyone trying out each other’s KONA rigs as well.
1:00 Shower and Lunch
2:30 T off time for Golf.
5:45 to 6:00 write a healthy order for 2010 KONA bikes and soft goods.
6:00-8:00 Dinner at the Cactus Club….you know what we are talking about here….!
8:00 until when ever….bowling.

NOT the typical day for a typical rep!

Thanks for having me along for Dik Cox Day in Nanaimo!

– Norm Thibault

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