Katherine Fuller of Dirt Rag has just published her review of our Hei Hei Race DL. With its 29″ wheels and 100mm of travel front and rear you may mistake this bike for a pure XC racer, but Katherine was quick to note that the progressive geometry makes the newly revamped Hei Hei much more than the numbers may suggest:

“The Hei Hei Race DL is for people who might race, but who don’t maintain a regular USAC license and who have ridden un-ironically in cutoff jean shorts. It’s for people who don’t need or want a heavy all-mountain rig but who want some rear suspension and enjoy exploring trail nuances. It’s for people who want a racy bike that allows them to relish descents, not just survive them. It’s for people who want to have fun.”

“In many ways, this bike reminds me of a European sports car: it’s sexy, fast, handles brilliantly and gives you tingly feelings in your bits when you really ramp it up on smooth trails and push it around bermy corners.”

Head over to Dirt Rag to read Katherine’s full review of the Hei Hei Race DL.