Kona Brazil Reports: Brazil 2013 DH races start with full power, our DH Team is doing very well, first big race was the International Santos Urban DH, this race was a live in the Open TV “Globo” amazing press! KONA Riders got the best place over all… After that Race our Top riders “Djone Fornari” and the young revelation of the year “Roger Vieira” went to Chile “Oxford Race” they did well too, the trail was really hard, the int’l KONA rider “Antony” went there too but not race. Djone pictures with Operator is on the Red Bull Home Page and the FB had so many like! He has good style and now how to make the crowd get crazy!

Lest weekend we had another International Big Race in Rio de Janeiro, is the “Favela Down Hill” with a great view the riders Down Hill 1600 metros on the narrow trails inside the “Favela” and Djone Fornari win the race 20 seconds faster then 2nd rider… Since Djone started racing on the 2013 Supreme Operator his performance went to the next level, the young rider “Roger” is also in the next level.

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