“Water everywhere. Cascading down the dark loamy hillsides, pouring in sheets from the steely, cold skies above the North Shore. The unsettling realization that maybe we pushed too hard, didn’t respect the conditions enough to back down. Those nagging thoughts pushed to the side as tires hook up in dark, dank Shore dirt, and we hoot and laugh as we descend, following the water.” Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz, along with riding buddies Andrew Shandro and Aaron Bradford recently braved the North Shores Coast Mountains for some serious Type 2 fun. The trio took on the infamous North Shore Triple Crown, a ride where you climb and descend three of North Vancouver’s mountains – Seymour, Fromme and Cypress – all in a single day. Taking it on in the dry is no simple (or comfortable) feat, but taking it on during Vancouver’s persistent winter/spring wetness is just a whole other level of suffering. Like Joe says, “It’s a little wet… But it’s ok, we ain’t made of sugar,”

Dressed in their fresh Pearl Izumi winter gear, the three riders were chased around the mountains by photographer Sterling Lorence and the crew from Anthill Films. The resulting stunning video and massive photo gallery really embeds you in the ride and gives you the feeling of just how wet and challenging the ride was.

Head to Pinkbike for Sterling’s full photo epic.