This comes from Bas Rotgens, the editor of a new Dutch based mountain bike magazine called Up/Down. We hooked him up with a Cadabra out of Poison Spider Bike in Moab, Utah and this is what he had to say:

Just to let you know: the bike was ready and good to go at Poison. I rode the h*ll out of it for three days and thoroughly enjoyed it. Couldn’t believe how capable it was and how much of the big stuff it sucked up for a bike that ‘only’ weighs 13,8kg! Yesterday I was chasing two guys, one on a Nomad and one on a Scratch, down Porcupine Rim and could totally keep up with them on all of the big stuff. Totally loved how you feel the bottomlessness of the bike open up when the Magic Link kicks in. Initially it felt like the 32 up front would be a little overpowered by the strong back end of the bike since it’s so capable, but the fork and rear end work great together!