If I had it my way, it would be October all year long. I can wear toques and hoodies and drink tea all damn day without ever feeling overheated. The nights are cold so I can actually sleep and the corners are always sticky so my tires never slide out from underneath me. It’s the mellowest part of the season and the perfect time to take a little vacation.

My week off began when Liam Mullany stumbled onto my deck to film a sunset. He is a wizard with his camera and he spent a few days following me around while I shralped swoopy trails and skidded sketchy lines. We had a fun week while I checked off my short list of hits and tried to document the story of why I do what I do.

When Liam went home I went for a pedal. It was sunny but chilly so I crawled up hills to keep warm and carved turns into the brown grass that sat frosty along the trail. When the sun went down I turned on my Night Rider lights to get pumped with Matt Brooks and Steve Riffel. Later on, Cheryl showed me another exciting new singletrack beneath the stars where you chase boxer dogs and dodge old Volks Wagon cars. When the week was almost over I visited my friends at the farm where we ripped whiskey laps and nac nacs. I woke up on Sunday with an MTB hangover, but that’s nothing a few coffees and some more biking wont solve.

Kris and I drove down the highway and pedalled into the mountains to see if the rumours about Revelstoke were true. I made it to the snowline where a big bull moose was just moosin’ around and a few black bears were taking care of business. I met a couple of Bens who guided me through some morning frost and Revy flow. It was a short mission for sure, but Revelstoke really reminded me of Whitehorse and that means I’ll need to spend a lot more time there in the future.

Now I’m home and feeling like a lucky duck after everything I crammed in to the past week and a bit. The season feels like it is winding down quickly so I guess I better keep cramming!