I’ve been very fortunate to be involved in a lot of different camps and clinics over the years, most of which have been targeted toward young riders in Kamloops. I feel like it’s a very special opportunity to share some of my time with kids who want nothing more than to to have a killer time on the trails. Over the Easter long weekend I teamed up with the Bicycle Cafe Kamloops, the KPCC and Sun Peaks Resort to host a Kamloops Bike Ranch Camp for the fifth year in a row. We had a lot of the usual gang show up to shred the trails with us and much of the typical bike camp antics were to follow, but this year I felt a new buzz surrounding the ranch camp.

5 small shredders on Shred 2-0’s!

Most years we have a set number of riders and they are all within a pretty specific age group. Their parents drop them off for the weekend and we sort of just do our thing. But this year we had a record number of participants – most of whom were younger than ever – and a whole crew of parents happy to be helping make the camp run smoother. Some parents were shuttling, some were shooting photos, and in some cases they were even shredding laps with the campers. In all the years that I have been working on putting these sort of events together, I’ve never seen so many people so pumped to have it happening.

With so many new riders, all so young, and so many parents so keen to help make it happen, I couldn’t help but feel like a bright future was suddenly budding. After a couple days of riding with big dawgs like Hunter and Aggy, the kids were freaking out and asking me when they might have the chance to come to another ranch camp. I didn’t really have any dates in mind, but I can’t wait for the next one either.