I woke up with a shiver this morning and closed my bedroom window and couldn’t believe that summer was already over. I drank a coffee in the cold, slow sunrise and it felt like just yesterday I cruised down the highway to hang out at Crankworx.

I slept on a couch at night and ripped laps all day. I saw a skateboard burned carefully to look like an amazing owl and I filmed a cool video with Bike Magazine. I drank some beer, did some whips, and cheered for friends in new movies and huge contests. It was chilly and foggy and rained a little bit and I felt like I was in wonderland.

Then I drove back up the highway to Sun Peaks. I caught up with friends and surfed waves of dust. I did some big skids and filmed another video (coming very soon) and clipped a stump and sprained my wrist. So I started relaxing like a tourist. I wandered aimlessly and watched a fox who like to chase deer. I wrote some stories and made some plans. It was hot and dry and felt like home.

Now I’m riding lots again. It was sort of nice to take a break from shredding on the daily. I feel recharged. Bradley built us a new pump track and I fell in love on first lap. I think I’ll be pumping lots of pump track laps and pedaling through the hills for now, but soon I’ll head down to the Utah desert to cheer for some friends and hopefully get nasty on a film trip shortly after. I can’t wait for the leaves to turn yellow and the bon fires to start burning.